Here you can get in touch with Adam. He doesn’t want to bias you or tell you what to do, but these are the sort of reasons why you might want to contact him:

greentickYou want to bestow great wealth upon him in exchange for an event or appearance.
greentickYou want to enlarge his ego yet further with praise of his literary output.
greentickYou want to write a guest post or do some other thing for him that will assist him in his plan for world domination without him having to do anything much.
greentickYou are a Nigerian prince looking to quickly relocate inheritance wealth.

Here are some reasons you might think you want to contact him but that he’s not really interested in, thanks very much:

redxYou want to ask him to appear somewhere or write something for you but you have no budget to pay him for his time.
redxYou want to tell him you didn’t like his books or that something in them is wrong.
redxYou are a robot sending automated messages that are supposed to appear human and are aimed at selling SEO/Backlinks or other internet ponzi schemes.
redxYou are a pretending to be a Nigerian prince looking to quickly relocate inheritance wealth.


How to be German
Adam Fletcher
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10997 Berlin

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Tel: 030-12064296
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How to be German is a collection of the various different projects and books of Adam Fletcher, which are all made much nicer by the graphics of Robert M. Schöne.


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Step 66: The German Weihnachtsmärkte

Here's our (conflicted) take on the humble Weihnachtsmärkte.

Step 100: Kicker

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